Modus Anti Barking Device Reviews in 2020

Owning a dog for a pet can be quite fulfilling. All the same, needless barking can easily turn to be irritating. Therefore, to help you discourage your dog from unwarranted barking, we have done some modus anti barking device reviews.

Have you tried in vain to discourage your dog from what seems like barking at themselves? Don’t worry, getting your dog under control has become easier with the introduction of anti-barking devices.

A dog that usually barks for no reason or barks almost at everything can easily land you into trouble with neighbors and authorities. 

Also, if you happen to go for a walk with such a dog, you will come back home fatigued and frustrated. 

Notably, the Modus anti barking device will not only help you discourage barking. It also helps to discourage unwelcoming behaviors and reinforce the desired traits.

Does the device really work? Please read on for the answer.

Modus Anti Barking Device Reviews

Modus Anti Barking Device Reviews

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When your dog pays little attention or takes a lot of struggle for them to respond to verbal commands, using a Modus anti barking device could be of help. Though the machine sells as an anti-bark device, it effectively helps to discourage unwanted traits such as digging, fighting, or eating something dirty.

Therefore, if you have had hard times trying to stop your dog from barking or any other unwanted behaviors, this device has you covered

When it comes to using the device, it is one of the easiest machines to use available in the market. Once you have the 4 AAA batteries in (the device comes with the batteries), you only need to push the start button, and the device powers up. After that, if you push the button, the Modus anti-barking device will emit ultrasonic sound.

In addition, the device has LED lights to help you during operation. The green light shows when the machine is working, while the red one indicates a low battery.

So, you don’t have to be a pro in tech issues to use the device.

In addition, to make the device more comfortable for outdoor use, it comes with an adjustable wrist strap that is static-free. Therefore, it doesn’t irritate when you wear it as you walk around and fits on almost any hand.

Also, for excellent outdoor use, the Modus anti baking device has a control range of up to 16.4 feet. Therefore, the tool is excellent for use as you spend time with your dog in the backyard.

Are you concerned about your dog’s safety? That’s ok. Every responsible pet owner should be.

All the same, the device produces a sound that has a frequency of 25 kHz. First, this sound is beyond the human hearing range. Therefore, you will not disturb or attract your neighbors’ attention.

On the other hand, the sound is safe for your dog’s ears. Actually, dogs can hear sounds of up to 120 kHz. So, the sound from the Modus anti-barking device is on the lower side of a dog’s hearing ability.

In addition, it is good to note that it is the volume of sound that can damage the eardrums and not the pitch.

Looking at Modus anti barking device reviews from previous customers on Amazon, you will realize that it works with unparalleled efficiency.


  • The device is safe both to humans and dogs
  • Excellent for outdoor use within a range of up to 16.4 feet
  • Can be used to complement other forms of training
  • The device is easy to carry and use
  • The device is long-lasting and has an excellent ergonomic design


  • Not fit for use on dogs less than six months
  • May not be useful for dogs with hearing impairment

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How Does the Anti-Barking Device Work?

Before you commit to purchasing the device, it is prudent that you understand how the Modus ultrasonic anti barking device works.

All the same, if you have ever seen or heard of a dog whistle, this is an electronic form of it that doesn’t require blowing. Instead, the device uses batteries to produce a high pitched sound.

Technically, the device works by producing an ultrasonic sound that distracts the dog’s attention. This sound is so high in pitch that it is beyond the human hearing abilities. On the other hand, dogs can clearly hear the sound.

On average, human beings can only hear sounds that range between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. As for the dogs, they can hear sound ranging from 15 Hz to 120 kHz.

In that case, the Modus anti barking device produces sound at 25 kHz. Therefore, at the press of a button, the device produces a sound that isn’t audible to human ears but low enough not to cause harm to the dogs.

So, since the sound is not typical in a dog’s life, it tends to distract them from what they were doing. Actually, the sound is a bit disturbing, but it poses no danger.

The best thing is that the dog can hear the sound from a distance and respond accordingly.

So, what’s unique about the Modus anti barking device? Let’s have a look.

How to Use Modus Anti Barking Device

From the Modus anti barking device reviews by users on Amazon, it is evident that the gadget works like a charm. But how are you supposed to use it for fulfilling results?

In reality, using the device should be well calculated and planned. Actually, you cannot expect to buy the gadget, press some buttons, and; HORA! Magic happens. It doesn’t work that way.

When using the Modus anti barking device, you need to be ready for the next cause of action when you press the button in during training

For you to use the equipment effectively, press the button when the dog starts to dig or bark. Then, once you have its attention, give a verbal command like “stop” or “quiet”. 

Eventually, the dog will associate the bad habit with the unpleasant ultrasound.

Once the dog responds positively to your command, reinforce the change by use of rewards like snacks or petting.

With consistent proper use, the dog will replace bad habits with good ones. All the while, you need to be patient with the dog through the training.

Frequently Asked Auestions

Is the Modus anti barking device the same as an anti-bark collar?

No, the two are different. Dogs have to wear the collars around their necks while the  modus anti-barking device is hand-held. Some collars work by vibrating and inducing a mild electric shock. But for the modus device, it works by producing ultrasound.

Is the high pitched sound harmful?

No, the sound from the modus gadget isn’t harmful. In other words, it is safe for both you and the dog.

How often should I use the modus anti barking device?

Use the device every time you want to distract your dog from bad behavior and give a verbal command. Once the dog adheres to the command, make sure you reward the dog.

How long does it take for the dog to stop barking at everything?

Mostly, it takes three to ten days of consistent training for a dog to drop a bad habit. On the other hand, dogs of different breeds will take different duration to condition.

Where can I buy a Modus anti barking device?

You need to be careful when shopping. There are many counterfeit devices in the market. Therefore, the best is to shop from reputable sites like Amazon, where you can even use the customers’ reviews to guide you.

Final Word

When it comes to training a dog, it takes a lot of patience. Therefore, as you plan to use the Modus anti barking device, then you need to show restraint. In fact, the device should only reinforce the verbal commands your dog already knows.

Going by the Modus anti barking device reviews on Amazon, you realize that the gadget has a great reputation among dog owners. Actually, some say that it works like a charm.

 The good thing is that the device produces a sound that human ears can’t pick. Therefore, you aren’t going to have cases of irritated neighbors. Actually, the device is safe for humans and dogs as well.

Therefore, go ahead and order for your device, and you will be grateful you did.

Finally, if you find your dog isn’t responding according to expectation, you should seek help from a professional dog trainer. At least, they know one thing or two about dog training that you don’t.

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