Tips on How to Use a Dog Care Training Collar

Are you a new dog pet owner? Congratulations. Honestly, you have chosen one of the best pet animals you can ever get. Maybe you have tried ways of training your dog, and none seems to be working. Don’t despair; you can use a training collar. But do you know how to use a dog training collar?

Well, as we said earlier, you don’t have to lose hope. Here, we are going to focus on how a beginner can use a training collar effortlessly.

To start with, do you know what a dog care training collar is? Well, let’s start there.

What is a Dog Care Training Collar?

How to Use a Dog Care Training Collar
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Mainly, a dog care training collar is an electric device won around a dog’s neck, and it applies a mild electric shock to the animal’s neck, thereby giving a signal.

In addition, the wireless device runs on batteries. Also, It comes with a remote control unit (transmitter) which sends signals to the collar. Mainly the collar applies a mild stimulus similar to a static shock.

Hence, the critical point is that you get to train your dog to respond to commands and to refrain from undesirable behaviors using positive punishment. Actually, the collar is supposed to distract or deter the animal and instill the desired conduct.Sometimes, bark begone collar also used for training purposes.

Where Do Start When Using a Dog Training Collar

To begin with, don’t rush to use the collar. Actually, the first part is getting your dog to respond to basic verbal commands like sit, come, quiet, and so on. If the dog doesn’t answer to basic commands, it will be of no benefit using the collar.

As a matter of fact, the collar should first be used to reinforce basic oral commands.

Once your dog can respond to your commands, put batteries in the collar and fit the collar around the dog’s neck. Ensure that the collar isn’t too tight to the point of choking the dog, or too lose that the collar falls off. Also, make sure that the prongs are in contact with the animal’s skin.

At the same time, ensure that the device is set on the lowest setting and switched off. Definitely, you don’t want the dog to associate the collar with an unpleasant experience. Therefore, let your pet wear the collar for a week or two before switching it on.

Alternatively, you can put the collar around the dog when you are going for a walk, going out, or for a ride. Also, you can condition your pet to wear the collar at the start of every day.

Begin Using a Dog Care Training Collar

Once the dog is used to wearing the collar, it is time to start using it for training gradually. First, switch the collar on and set it at the lowest setting. Then, move to distance and press the button on the transmitter. Observe the dog’s body language.

If there is any sensation, the animal might twitch its ears. Also, depending on the magnitude of the stimulation, the dog might move its head to get away from the device.

 Similarly, if the dog doesn’t show any response at the lowest level, you should slowly turn the device to the next level and try once more.

Once you find the device to be working well, it is time to reinforce the commands that the dog already knows.

As such, make sure to set the device at the lowest level that your dog responds to. For dogs with long fur, you will need to use the extension prongs that come with your device.

Let’s go back to how to train using the collar.

When you give a command like “sit”, wait for the dog to respond. If it doesn’t respond, press the switch on the transmitter and repeat the command. 

Once the dog responds, give it a treat, a reward, or some other form of compliment. Actually, the main reason you are training the dog is to reinforce good behaviour.

Also, you should use the device to discourage undesired behaviours. For instance, if your dog likes digging in the backyard, you can use the device to discourage the habit. When the dog starts digging, activate the transmitter.

To avoid injuring your pet, do not hold the button for more than 3 seconds. Also, avoid consecutive activations. Ideally, the whole process is to train but not to injure the dog.


So, if you have been wondering how to use a dog care training collar, now you have it. Remember, you have to teach your dog a few basic commands that you will reinforce by introducing the collar.

In simple, the collar alone cannot yield any results. You should have taught your dog to respond to your oral instructions.

Actually, the device only reinforces the desired habits while it discourages your four-legged companion from unbecoming behaviours.

In case you find the training isn’t going as you had desired, always seek advice and the services of professional dog trainers.

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