4 Best Funny Dog Hats

Dog’s hat make dogs look like cute and more cool then before. But there have some hat which give your dog a funny look. It’s not depend on your dog rather it’s depend on your dog hat. You can buy any kind of hat for your dog but if you want to make your dog looking funny then you should choose a wide range of hat which helps you to make your dog looking funny.

Here in this article we will discuss about the different kinds of hat which many people use to look their dog so funny. Here we just mentioned 4 types of funny hat. This are the least not the last.

The classic propeller hat

This type of hat is the best to look your dog funny as this kind of hat has a propeller at the top of the hat. And this propeller starts moving while the dog runs or walks. So you can make your dog so funny by buying this kind of hat for him. As dogs just want to have fun so it could be medium for your dog’s enjoyment. And it also gives your dog enough sun light protection. It’s like a Halloween costume for your dog. As dogs are so fond of fun then this propeller could be a great source of fun for your dog.

Sombrero Straw Hat

Sombrero Straw hat could be another types of hat which can make your dog look funny. As this kind of hat usually used by the farmer or the artist. This type of hat will give your dog a crazy look and people will have some fun with this type of hat. This type of hat doesn’t suit for the bigger breed of dog rather it is suitable for the smaller breed of dogs. So you should keep in mind the breed of your dog before using this type of hat.

Cowboy hats for dog

This type of hat especially for dog is so funny. You can’t but laugh just by thinking that your dog is sitting in front of you wearing a cowboy hat. I am sure you can’t stop laughing also the passer by or your other friends can’t stop but laughing. This type of hat gives your dog a very funny look. This type of hat is not as functional as other types of hat as it is also so much adorable to your dog. You can easily buy a cowboy hat from a local market. And your dog can use it while he is with you in a beach.

Baja ponchos dog sombrero hat

This kind of hat is similar to the sombrero hat but there have some differences between two types. Baja ponchos sombrero hat is colour and looks like a plat. It look make your dog looking so funny. This type of hat have some benefits too. This type of hats can be used by any types or any breed of dogs. Both small and bigger breed dog can easily wear it. Baja ponchos sombrero hat will help you looking your dog so funny. Your dog will also have some extra attraction by this type of hats.


As dogs are so fond of fun. They want to have some fun with other dogs or with you. As a dog owner its your responsibility to help your dog in making fun. Simply by using this kinds of hat you can easily make your dog more funny to others. These are the least not last outfit for making funny look of your dog

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