Belly Band for Dogs

The belly bands can be used for marking and reducing the hassle and frustration associated with cleaning up. These bands inform you if your pet is being a gentleman. You can see the evidence in the wrap.

How to Stop Peeing Accidents

You and your dog may find the answer in belly bands. A belly band is similar to a crate and can be used as a training tool for male dogs that lift their leg inside the house. These aren’t meant to be worn continuously but are used to teach the male dog that the house is not his place to go.

What makes a bell band useful? Dogs don’t like being wet. The belly band can be used as a diaper if the dog needs to urinate. It can absorb urine.

How to Choose the Right Size Belly Band

Measure your dog’s back legs to determine the right size. Make sure the tape measure is snug enough that your finger can slide under it. You will get better accuracy if you use a seamstress tape measurement and not the one you have in your garage. Metal tapes are not accurate because they are too stiff.

Don’t have a tape measure? This idea might work: Cut a newspaper at least 24 inches in length to cover the area. For larger breeds, it may be longer. Wrap the paper around your dog, marking the areas where it overlaps. Measure the paper strip around your dog and mark where it overlaps.

When to Remove the Belly Band

The wraps should only be removed when your dog has to go outside or is on a walk. When he urinates outdoors, praise him. He will be unhappy if he tries urinating outside while the wraps are still on. Do not immediately change a wet stomach band. He must understand that his behavior is causing the problem. If he doesn’t like it, you can change the belly band.

Dogs should quickly learn that they don’t like being wet and start to hold their urine. You should remember to take the belly band off your dog when he goes outside. You can begin to take the band off after a few weeks. Your dog will become more confident and trustworthy as he learns to control his behavior without the band. The belly bands can be machine washed and reused as often as necessary.

Tips When Using Belly Bands for Dogs

The following tips can help you when using a belly band for dogs.

Be sure to attach the Velcro before washing.

It’s a good idea for you to keep several belly bands handy and wash them as needed.

A self-adhesive bladder control pad (for showers) or feminine pad (for faucets), can be applied to the inside of the belly band. These pads will hold more urine than the stomach band and you won’t need to wash them as often. However, unlike baby diapers, bladder control pads do a great job of wicking moisture away, so your dog will not feel wet. This is a great place to love your dog and have training that doesn’t work.

A belly band can prevent many dogs from lifting their legs, while others dogs lift their legs regardless of our best efforts. The belly band captures the urine, not your furniture, in both cases. Incontinence can be managed with the help of a belly band.

How Belly Bands for Dogs Are Made

Each belly band is handmade using cotton outer layers with a polyester padding inner layer. These fabrics provide maximum comfort and absorbency for your dog. Start with the cotton fabric of your choice. Next, we cut it to the right length and width. Then, we add the absorbent padding and sew the layers together. Next, turn the belly band right-side out and top stitch. This extra sewing keeps the belly band in its original form and prevents any slippage of padding. The belly band is then pressed and checked for flaws and symmetry. Finally, it is smoothed and polished. Finally, the corners are finished with a hook and loop (Velcro).

No elastic is used in our belly bands. This could cause discomfort for the dog when it’s new or make the elastic too loose over time. No overhangs or pleats on our belly bands invite dogs to chew them. Make sure you get the right size for your dog. Do not worry about a large belly band.

Belly Bands Are Not for Female Dogs

Belly bands are not recommended for control of unwanted breeding. Belly bands are not recommended for use in controlling unwanted breeding.

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