Common Health Problems For Large Dogs

We are a nation of dog lovers and this has seen them become a popular pet around the country. Their friendly nature and companionship explain why, to a large extent, the variety of breeds to choose from is also key. Many people, for example, love to go for large dog breeds such as golden retrievers or Labradors. While larger breeds like this make great family pets, they can also come with some specific health problems.

Of course, this means it is key to take out pet insurance should you buy a larger dog in the future. If you already own a dog who has a health issue common to bigger breeds, don’t worry! There is pet insurance cover for pre-existing conditions out there which gives the financial protection you need.

But what are some of the most common health problems in dogs like this?

Hip dysplasia

This is one of the most common health issues for larger dogs. Hip dysplasia is a condition which sees the hip joints not fitting correctly or the hip being found outside of the joint. Whilst more severe cases can need surgery to correct, some dogs walk around with bad hips and live normal, happy lives.

Elbow dysplasia

This health issue common to large dogs sees abnormalities within the elbow joint causing problems. Although the exact cause is unknown, it is believed that the larger frame of bigger dogs and the stress this puts on the elbow joint could be a factor. As in hip dysplasia, some dogs live happily with this condition but those with more severe cases may need surgery to correct it.


Also known simply as Pano, this is a type of bone inflammation. It is usually seen in younger dogs who are still growing, typically before the animal’s first birthday. Symptoms can involve lameness in one or more legs plus sudden pain in the area. Many professionals believe that this condition is caused by rapid growth in large dogs when they are young. If you think your pet pooch is showing signs of this illness, it is best to get them checked out by a vet.

Cruciate ligament tear

Tears to the cruciate ligament in dogs are normally down to trauma caused by sudden movement or excessive activity. With their larger frames and boundless energy, big dogs can therefore be prone to this. It can especially be seen when dogs turn sharply or land badly when jumping. A good tip for avoiding this issue is keeping your dog at a healthy weight. This is helpful because it stops excess pressure from being put on their ligaments when exercising. If your dog is unlucky enough to suffer from this injury, a visit to the vet is essential.

Large dogs come with plenty of love – and some specific issues

Many people love to have larger breed dogs as pets because of their lively nature and lovable character. While this is true, it is also accurate to say that they can come with specific health issues. If you own a bigger dog or plan to buy one soon, those listed above are the most widely seen to know about flammability

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