How to Stop Dog Barking at Night Outside

Owning a dog is awesome. Unfortunately, it becomes a nuisance when you have to keep up with unwarranted barking every night. If that happens, you need to get a solution on how to stop dog barking at night outside.

Not only for your dog, but even a neighbor’s dog that won’t stop barking can be a pain in the neck.

Have the noises from dogs denied you sleep? Don’t worry; this article aims at getting a remedy to dogs that always keep barking outside in the night.

Whether it is your dog or a neighbor’s, you can work to get them quiet.

How to Stop Dog Barking at Night Outside
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Know What Causes the Barking

Definitely, the first solution to any problem is getting to know the cause. Therefore, if your dog keeps barking when you wish for a peaceful night, determine the reason for the needless barking.

Once you get to know the stimuli to the unpleasant habit of barking, eliminate them if possible. Unfortunately, there are some stimuli you have to train your dog to get along with.

For example, the dog could be barking to call for attention. More so, this will happen if the dog had been spending the night in the house, and all in a moment, it finds itself out all alone.

Actually, the dog could be feeling lonely. 

Also, the dog could be barking due to the presence of other dogs across the fence. First, you may try to block your dog’s view to the other side. Since the dog will still smell the other dogs, train it to stay calm. 

Additionally, you may have to move your dog to another restricted area away from the other dogs.

Therefore, eliminate the stimulus or train your dog to cope or stay calm when provoked to bark.

Use Anti-Bark Collars

When it comes to making your dog stop barking at night outside, then you need to embrace the power of technology.

Since most dogs like barking at the dead of the night, you need to employ a device that works automatically when the dog starts to back.

Actually, there are two types of dog anti-bark training collars.

The first one is a vibration/electric shock collar. Does that scare you? You don’t have to be.

Technically, the collar produces a minimal amount of shock that can’t harm your pet. In that case, it is quite safe for the dog.

The other type of dog collar produces an ultrasound that helps to distract the dog from barking. In short, the device on the collar produces a sound that is above the human hearing ability when the dog barks. 

Of course, the dog can perfectly hear the sound. Since the sound is unique and unpleasant to the ears, dogs will get distracted and stop barking. 

When it comes to dealing with a neighbor’s dog, the approach is different. Let’s see what you can do.

Speak to Your Neighbor

The first thing when dealing with your neighbor’s bothersome dog is to talk with the owner. There are many avenues that one can use to reach their neighbor, but the best is a face to face communication.

Indeed, you need to explain how their dog has been causing you sleepless nights. All the while, try to be calm and as polite as possible. In addition, you may also suggest some ideas with them on how to discourage their dog from barking.

 At the same time, you may also suggest they get help from a professional dog trainer if they find training their pet personally to be a daunting task.

Get an Ultrasonic Barking Deterrent

At times, you have to take matters into your hands. If your neighbor is uncooperative or seems to be difficult, you can do things your way.

Unfortunately, it will come with some monetary expense. Get a barking deterrent device.

Ultrasonic bark begone devices work by producing ultrasounds that aren’t audible to humans. Actually, they produce the same sound as dog whistles or ultrasonic dog training collars.

Generally, you only need to get the right spot to mount your device and leave it to do the rest. To get quick results from your investment, hang the device on a tree or a wall facing to where the dogs bark from.

When the dogs bark, they trip the device, and it produces an unpleasant sound to the dogs’ ears. Actually, the device will work with your dog and other dogs as well.

Fortunately, you don’t have to notify anyone about your activities, and no one will ever hear the sound.


You have the right to enjoy your sleep even when you or your neighbor owns a dog. When the dog won’t stop barking, get to know the cause of their barking.

Over the years, dogs are the most loyal and easiest pets to train. Unfortunately, they could develop habits such as barking in the night. The best you can do is use automatic barking deterrent devices.

Fortunately, these devices can be used to stop dog barking at night outside, whether it’s your dog or your neighbor’s. Also, the machines are quite safe and cause no physical or psychological harm to the animals. 

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