Bark Begone Reviews for 2021- Buying Guide

Only those with pets really know how hard it can be to train these little balls of fur. Grown up dogs are much harder to train than younger ones as they already have their own specific sets of traits. So it can be a little hard to work with them without the help of any other additional devices. 

We know you love your pet and that you would never do anything that could put their wellbeing into harm. This is why it is a little tough for a lot of fur-parents to put their trust into ultrasonic devices that claim to train your pets. 

You will need to find only the best products to assist you in training your fur babies. But the huge variety of the same products on the market can really make your entire shopping experience quite a struggle.

It is crucial for you to take everything into account, starting from the products quality itself to how compatible it will be with your pet. But which one do you really go for?

Well, we want you to put all your worries behind now, as in this Bark Begone Device Reviews we are going to check out only the best products that can help you out in your pet training sessions.

List and Reviews Of 7 Best Bark Begone Device:

1. MODUS Anti-Barking Device– Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent and 2 in 1 Dog Training Aid (Top Pick)

2. The Best Industries K-9 Bark Collar -Effective K9 Professional Dog Bark Collar w/ Barking Detection (Best Seller)

 3. Zelers Mini Anti-bark Device– Bark Control Deterrent, Training Tool (Best Seller)

4. Humutan Anti-Barking Device-Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller, Waterproof Outdoor Anti Bark Control System (Best Seller)

5. ZenDoggo Anti-Bark Collar– NO SHOCK, SAFE – Small to Large Dogs & Puppies (Recommended)

6. ZINMOND Anti-barking device– Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent (Recommended)

7. PetSafe Indoor Bark Control Device, Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller 

Best Bark Begone Reviews in 2021

1. MODUS Anti-Barking Device

bark begone reviews

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Let us start off with the MODUS anti-bark device. Even though this great product can be purchased for less than 30 dollars, the features it comes with can easily give high end manufacturers a run for their money. 

The MODUS anti-bark device emits a sound range of only 25KHZ so that it does not harm anyone at all. Dogs in general can easily pick up ranges from a minimum of 15HZ to a maximum of at least 120KHZ. This is why the low range of the MODUS anti-bark device will not be harsh on their ears at all. 

In order to juice the device up, you will find the package equipped with 4 triple ‘A’ batteries. Alongside the batteries, the product also comes with an adjustable wrist strap which allows you to carry the product around with you whenever you go out to walk your dog on the streets or in the park. 

This product comes with a working range of approximately 16.5 feet, which we think is a pretty moderate distance from you and your pet puppy because you would not want your puppy to leave your sight anyways. However, the range is not adequate when it comes to training adult dogs as they do not really stay in one place for long. 

You will notice the LED screen of this ultrasonic bark begone device starting to emit a green light whenever it is operating. 

Press on the screen button for at least 10 seconds or so in order to turn on the device. It will emit an ultrasonic sound which can only be heard by your pet. Do not worry, the sound will not damage your dogs ears at all!

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  • Light weight product
  • Compact
  • Budget friendly.


  • Apparently the device comes with only one level for the sound.

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2.The Best Industries K-9 Bark Collar

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If you want to forego the traditional hand held ultrasonic bark control device for your dogs, maybe you will appreciate this collar style product. This budget friendly product comes with simple to understand features that allows you to stay hands-free at all times. 

This one size fits all bark begone collar comes in a range of 7 different sound levels to choose from, allowing pet owners to turn up the level whenever they think their pets are starting to get immune to the ultrasonic discharges. 

In order to save up the charge of the device alongside protecting your dogs ears, this bark collar comes with an automatic deactivation technology, which quickly turns off the device if it has been used for more than 7 times under a minute only. 

This makes sure your dog does not get annoyed by the frequent vibration changes, therefore keeping their mood light hearted and easy going. The device will start operating again after an entire minute has passed by.  

This incredible bark begone device is completely waterproof as it is certified under the IPX7 standard requirements. 

The best thing about this product has to be its ability to differentiate between actual loud barks, soft whimpers and outside noises. This great feature makes sure the device is only activated when your dog barks with a range of around 1000 to at least 2000KHZ. 

In order to charge the device, the product comes with a moderate 480 mAh battery which can be easily juiced up through a USB cable. The charging period is only 2 hours, while the product lasts for at least 14 days!

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best bark begone device


  • Budget friendly
  • Waterproof and safe
  • Durable built.


  • The collar design might annoy pets who are not used to having anything around their necks.

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3. Zelers Mini Anti-bark Device

best anti bark device

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The Zelers mini anti-bark device comes with 4 different ultrasonic sound levels that you can choose for your dog(s). There is also a test mode which you can use to get your pets comfortable and accustomed to the device at first. The ultrasonic sounds will only be activated when your dog barks inside the 50 feet vicinity. 

This best bark begone device comes with an internal microphone which reacts clearly to your dogs barking and no other false noises. You can still set up this device around the fence in order to reduce your neighbor’s dogs from barking consistently throughout the night, even if you do not have pets of your own! 

You will not have to worry about this product damaging your pet’s ears as the product turns itself off right at the moment it detects zero barks from your dog(s). This feature also works to prolong the devices longevity, therefore it will last you for much longer than any other product. 

The Zeler anti-bark device comes with a USB cable meant for charging the product. You can easily connect it to your laptop in order to charge it up! You will love to know that this cute wooden-like brown colored device is also waterproof, so no weather condition can damage the device. 

Just make sure to keep a distance of at least one-arm when setting up the product, so that it does not start ringing off into your ears in case your dog(s) happen to bark right then. 

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best dog barking deterrent


  • Light weight
  • Waterproof


  • Budget friendly.

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4. Humutan Anti-Barking Device

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Featuring a really budget friendly price tag, this unique anti-bark device by Humutan is one everyone will stare at once they step into your yard. The bird house like structure of the device makes the product appear friendlier to pets in general, hence they can get comfortable around it much more easily. 

The Humutan Anti-barking device comes with three different working ranges to choose from. You can set it to only a minimum of 15 feet or to a maximum of 50 feet in total. 

In order to charge up the device, you will be required to make use of a 9V battery. However note that the product does not actually come with the battery so you will have to purchase it separately. 

The speaker of this device lies right in the middle of this product. The microphone lies right below it. You will find a small hole on the very top of this anti-bark device, which will allow you to hang the product on a hook if you want. Nonetheless, you can still just place it on top of a fence or on the ground if you want to. 

This waterproof bark begone device is constructed with only the finest quality ABS plastic material. It emits a green and red light from a small dot on the back of the device. The green light will indicate full charge while the red light indicates low battery life. 

There is also a convenient test mode on this device which you can use to get your pet(s) accustomed to the sound at first. 

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dog barking deterrent reviews


  • Light weight
  • Budget friendly
  • Test mode is very convenient.


  • This bark begone device does not come with batteries included.

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5. ZenDoggo Anti-Bark Collar

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Our next anti-bark collar sports a really vibrant blue color on the front, complete with a tiny little dog paw design that makes the entire product look super friendly and cute. 

The ZenDoggo anti-bark collar comes with state of the art features such as microprocessors which can actually differentiate and memorize certain voices. 

The automatic microprocessor works for every breed, no matter how big or small the dog(s) may be. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come on the manual guide with this package and set the right level of ultrasonic sound for your breed and size of pet. 

This device comes with 4 different interchangeable electrode covers so you can easily customize the product whenever you want and change up its entire outlook to your own desire. 

You will find this anti-bark device to come equipped with 8 different levels of ultrasonic vibrations, which can change with a certain number of barks. For example, if your dog barks once, the device will set off a warning sound that lasts for only 1.5 seconds. 

However if your dog barks for more than 4 times consistently, the device will emit a warning sound of 4 seconds combined with a harmless vibration that lasts for only 1 second. This change continues for every bark your dog makes. The package comes with 2 high quality alkaline batteries.

You will be delighted to know that the manufacturer includes a one year warranty period with the purchase of this product. Every customer will also receive a free complimentary gift with their purchase!

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no bark collar reviews


  • High quality built
  • Cute design
  • Budget friendly.


  • A few customers claimed that the batteries do not have a long life time.

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6. ZINMOND Anti-barking device .

bark off device

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We find the hippopotamus design of this anti-bark ultrasonic device to be super cute! This light weight product comes with a range of high quality features under a really worthy price tag.

This environmentally friendly bark begone device comes equipped with a 1500 mAh lithium powered battery that requires to be charged up to five hours. We know, the charging duration does seem pretty long in comparison to the other products we previously reviewed. However, this five hour long charge time will actually allow the product to operate continuously for thirty days!

The minimum working range is only 4m while the maximum working range is 10m. The ultrasonic sound emits a total frequency of approximately 20KHZ. This frequency is ideal for dogs as the sound will not damage their ears. 

Even though this bark begone device is more appropriate for puppies, you can rest assured that it is ideal for every breed, be it Labradors or Chihuahuas. 

You will be receiving a USB cable as well as an expansion plug with the purchase of this package. Alongside the cables, you will find the package to come equipped with a user manual guide and 2 screws meant to hold the product in place. 

You should note down that this bark begone device works best only when it is facing the dog(s). Therefore you should place it somewhere high, so that dogs cannot destroy it. But make sure to keep it facing the pets or else the product may not operate as smoothly.

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bark off device reviews


  • Light weight
  • Strong built
  • Budget friendly.


  • Unfortunately a few customers claimed that they received defected products upon delivery.

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7. PetSafe Indoor Bark Control Device

bark be gone device

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For our last product of the day we are going to review an indoor bark control device for a change. The PetSafe Bark control device comes with amazing features but for a super duper affordable price tag!

The product comes with an internal microphone which can easily pick up barks made by your pet dogs. Afterwards, the device emits a short 2 second ultrasonic sound which can only be heard by your dog(s). 

You will be glad to know that this bark begone device manufactured by PetSafe comes with a convenient “No Bark Guarantee” tag, which allows you to seek helpful customer service whenever you are confused with how the product operates. 

However, we are a little disappointed with the working range of the product as it can only work within 25 feet at most. On top of that, the product has to be facing the dogs in order to work best. Make sure you place the device at least 10 feet above your pets so that they do not have direct contact with the emissions. 

This indoor bark control device makes use of a single battery of 9V. But you will be required to purchase the battery separately as the product does not come with it in the first place. Nonetheless, once the batteries are inserted the product will operate smoothly for at least 6 months. 

The device comes with two tone settings, from which one button can be used to manually operate the device. 

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  • Strong built
  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Long battery life.


  • Unfortunately this device does not come with an on/off button.

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Best Bark B Gone Buying Guide:

It is important for you to find only the safest products for your beloved pets. No pet owner would want to risk the health of their fur-baby. 

Sometimes opting for ultrasonic devices may seem a little inhumane, but we assure you that there is nothing to be worried about. In fact, ultrasonic bark begone devices are actually safer than most other training devices. 

You will find a lot of training products to come with shock systems. Shock induced bark control collars are much worse than the ones you can just place on a high surface, since they have direct contact with the pet’s neck.  

Shock collars are inhumane, but ultrasonic devices are not. 

To help you understand a bit more about the features, we are going to list down a few factors you should consider whenever you are out to shop for a bark begone device. We hope this clears out your confusion regarding bark begone devices. 


It is better when the device is a waterproof one as you will not have to worry about harsh weather conditions destroying the product prematurely. On top of that, if the device is a collar style one, the water resistant technology will keep the product safe and sound in case your dog happens to jump into a puddle of water while wearing it around his/her neck. 


Go for ultrasonic devices that come with a moderate range rate of at least 30 feet. It is obviously better if the range is higher, maybe up to 50 feet. That way, you will not have to continuously run around your dog in order to keep them in the vicinity of the device itself.

Frequency levels

A device with more than 5 different frequency levels is a better purchase than a device which comes with only a specific set of 3 different frequencies to choose from. 

With more than 5 levels, you will be allowed to change up the frequency whenever you think your pet is getting immune to the emission. That way, you can train them for longer and more properly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do anti-bark devices actually work on dogs?

Yes they work absolutely fine on dogs. Anti-bark devices are manufactured to produce unpleasant frequencies which only dogs will be able to hear. Note that the sounds produced will be unpleasant, not harmful. You should not mix up the two terms. 

Of course the devices will not be able to solely work on their own when it comes to training a dog to stop barking continuously. Human intervention will still be required in order to calm the pet down in case the pet is enraged. 

You should keep in mind that most dog bark control devices work on calm dogs, not violent ones.

Will dog bark controllers affect cats?

Anti-bark devices will actually not work on cats since cats can pick up even higher frequency ranges. Anti-bark devices usually emit frequencies of around 25KHZ at most, so it is quite minimal for a cat to pick up. Only dogs will be able to pick up the sounds and react accordingly.

Does bark Begone really work?

It usually depends on the reasons of the barking? In most cases the bark begone works. It used a ultrasonic sound that is unpleasant to dog ear and because of the sound dogs stop barking. It produces a sound of high frequency that is unknown to dogs and the suddenly stops barking.

Does bark Begone hurt dogs?

The bark begone device uses a ultrasonic sound so it does not hurt dogs physically but it emits unpleasant sounds and this can increase stress levels that can negatively impact mental health of our 4 legged friends. But it is safe and humane if used according to instructions.

Are ultrasonic bark devices cruel?

Ultrasonic bark deterrent emits ultrasounds of very high frequency that humans van not hear but our 4 legged pet dog can hear it. It is unpleasant to them. It effect dogs mental health adversely if used in excess. But it is not inhumane as like as shock collars.

Conclusion :

In short, bark begone devices are nothing but safe and humane for your beloved dogs. The devices are so popular these days that you can find most of them to be super cheap and affordable. That is because the devices are in huge supplies all the time, for all the right reasons!

Next time your dog or your neighbor’s dog starts barking unnecessarily, try opting for anti-bark devices to control and train the dogs. Encourage other dog owners to only go for ultrasonic devices as well, since these devices are so much safer than most shock induced ones!

 Not only will their dogs feel more at ease with the introduction of these harmless devices, but the owners will also be able to catch a peaceful sleep at night!

We really hope our Bark Begone Device Reviews was able to help you in deciding which product to exactly go for. Hopefully you will find our mentioned products to be worthy of your purchase!

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