How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking

Are you fed up with the barking of your favourite dog in different circumstances? Does he irritate you with constant barking? It’s a piece of very good news that you can control your dogs barking by giving your dog theright training.

Before training a dog it is necessary to understand the reason why your dog barks under different circumstances. By knowing the cause it would be so much easy to train your dog in the right manner. In this article, we will discuss different causes of barking and also the training method

Why does your dog bark?

There could be a lot of reasons behind your dog barking the important thing is to find out the reason why your dog is barking. If you don’t know the reason you can’t go for the solution.

For instance, when you go to a doctor for the treatment of allergies, the doctor not only gives you the medicine or cream only to cure the allergic problem but also he will try to find the root of the disease and suggest the medicine which is needed to cure the disease of the inner site.

Just like the example you need to find out the cause why your dog barks. You can handle your dog not to bark by taking some activities but if you are aware of the cause of barking then you can easily train the dog and fix the problem easily. For that you need some instrument. You can buy this product from amazon at a cheap rate. The product specifications and the features are given in this Barking device

Noise sensitivity

This is the most common cause for the barking of a dog. Most of the dog barks with a noise like high volume TV sound, doorbell calling bell and other sounds. If you want to stop barking, you need to take some precautions like-

    1. You need to record the sound on a device it may be your phone. Then play it in front of your dog. By doing your dog would be familiar with this sound and not bark in future.
    2. Repeat the sound every day and increase the sound day by day a little bit.
    3. Eventually, your dog will be familiar with the sound by what it barks.

Most of the noise-sensitive dogs are living in a quiet place that is the reason for barking. That’s why you need to adjust your dog with a noisy background for not to bark again

Barking During play

Most of the dogs are used to bark at the time of playing with their owner or the other dogs. Actually when the dogs are happy it excited then they used to bark continuously. If your dog bark loudly when they turned around the other dog then you should stop their play and give them some time to cook down. Dogs bark more when they time playing with tours and other food games.

If you live in an apartment and think your dogs barking will disturb the neighbors then abstain your dog from this kind of game at night. You can employ your dog inother work it games like food puzzlesand tosses and catch games.


You can not stop your dog from barking if your dog is lazy and bored. A bored dog barks more than an active dog. So to prevent this problem you need to ensure some physical exercise for your dog. It would be enough to walk half an hour for a common type of dog and if you have an expensive and hard worker one then you need to maintain three or fours hours of exercise every day. It is just tolose the stamina of the dog. By doing this your dog would be fit mentally and physically also.

To overcome the boredom of your dog you can buy different kind of toys and the games which are available in the amazon stock. This bore overcoming device really helps you and your dog also.

If you are not sure that your dog’s behaviour is changing then increase the level of exercise and just wait for three or four weeks. After that, you will notice a significant change in your dog.

Demand Barking

Many dogs usually bark according to their demand. They want something from their owner and want them fast that’s why they bark all the time. This is an irritating problem for the owner cause the owner can not easily stop their dogs from shouting. Because they mentally detrimental that by their barking their owner serve the food as early as possible. It actually teaches the dogs that the more he barks the more faster his foods are served.

Training up your dogs from demand barking you need to do a simple trick and that is you don’t serve the food at their demand. You need to deny their barking for food. Another thing is the dogs should not have the exact time for the feeding. You can feed them in several times like today launch at 2 pm but tomorrow will be at 3:15 pm. By doing this your dog don’t have any fixed time to feed and it can not bark for food.

How To Stop dog barking in your absence ?

Many dogs bark when their owner are not in their home. You need to go out for work, office or other chores. In this time your dog are alone in the yard when your dog feel alone they will bark. The most effective solution is that not to make them alone. There are many reason why the dogs bark when they feel alone they are given below-

  • At passersby
  • At traffic
  • At others dog walking by
  • At neighbor
  • At boredom

Your dog barks outside for the following reasons. So it is necessary to keep the dog inside your home and not to feel them alone. You can also use some collar like necklace or knee bracelet to control the barking in your absence. It’s really work. You can check out this kind of product on Amazon store at a cheaper rate.


These are the major cause why your dog barks continuously in different circumstances. We have discussed here about the pros and cons about the cause why dogs barks and what is solution and what is the training method. You can use different kinds of collar to stop barking your dog. But the most benefited way will be train them well according their behavior. It will bring the long time change for your dog.

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